A Homely Warmth

A home is where our stories begin, and with time, these moments shape our world. The very fabric of belonging, our homes inspire. Designing a home then, is not just resonating with your idea of living, it is supporting your culture of living where your values and your narratives contribute to your experiences.

Our approach is to co-create as we co-exist, nurture community living, providing opportunities for ponder and the joy of personal spaces. Sharing a transparent journey along our course of development, we invite you to Gravity Living, a culture committed to belonging.

Your Tales of Belonging

Community x Gravity Homes

Tree Friends

Find them in tree-lined walkways, surrounding the clubhouse, or in your own backyard! Our projects welcome a variety of local, designer and air-purifying trees.

Private & Community Gardens

Welcoming sunlight, fresh air, and the warmth of your heart, we understand how personal moments and quality time with the community are enriching amidst the peace and calm of nature.

Rainwater & Groundwater Recharge

Equipped with recharge depression for rainwater conservation, we extend our commitment to natural replenishment by reducing our reliance on conventional water sources.

Cherished moments, enriching journeys, community living is slowly becoming an old charm in the era of apartments. We strive to revive this old world charm of building meaningful connections with people.

Gravity Forest view
Rashmi & Manoj Nayak
Gravity Aranya
Gravity Aranya
Gravity Aranya
Traditional Mud Blocks

With more urban homeowners employing mud for construction, make room for homes designed with breathable mud blocks that offer you comfortable climate control and healthy quality indoor air.

Low-VOC Paints

VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds which are often present in standard paints and emit harmful toxic gases. Low-VOC paints, on the other hand, help maintain a healthier indoor air quality with reduced odour.

Domal Aluminium

Offering compelling advantages over glass, Domal Aluminium provides an energy-efficient serene escape that is both highly durable and sustainable.

Eco-Friendly Indian Kota Stones

Did you know Rajasthani Kota Stones are not only eco-friendly but also a climate-comfort option against Conventional Italian Marble? Our Founder, Mr. Surya N.C., calls this natural and sustainable goodness, ‘Materials with Life’. Choose a communion with the world, not the concrete.

Our esteemed nature-inclusive partners are crucial collaborators in every project we undertake. Meet our team of landowners, channel partners, architects, interior designers, and more who work closely with Team ABC to promote shared responsibility that empowers our collaborative culture.

Dr. Shah E Akbar Pasha
Gravity Forest View
AGM, SBI Banking Partner,Bangalore South
Principal Architect Parallax Architects
Principal Architect Maark Vision Architects
Samhita Suresh
Founder Guhina Lifestyle
Monika & Savitha
Channel partner, Whitehall estate