Invest withGravity

“Beyond Walls,
We Build Homes”

Building A Community
Luxury Living
Affordable Luxury Living 

A Unique Nature-Inclusive Model for Enriched Lifesyles Redefining The Urban Green

Luxury Living
Proven Appreciation & Long-Term Value

Proven Value Appreciation (60%-100%)* and Guaranteed Long-Term Returns

Luxury Living
Experience Calm within City Limits

Tucked Away from the Noise, Sustainable Luxury Living & No Surging Maintenance Costs

Luxury Living
Sustainability at the Core

Locally Sourced Natural Impact: Versatile Indian Kota Stones, Traditional Mud Blocks etc.

Luxury Living
Seamless Connectivity and Convenience

Strategically Positioned: Maximised & Hassle-Free Location Advantage

Luxury Living
Resale & Future Opportunities

An Average of N% High Resale Potential

  • Only an existing project property will be offered under the Sale Agreement.
  • Cancellation/Rebooking is applicable only after successful Sanctioned Approvals.
  • Once Sanctioned, Investors can sell the property to their contacts for potentially higher and quicker return rates.
  • Please note, the Selling Price will be decided as per The Prevailing Market Rate for enhanced market compatibility.
  • Minimum 30% Return Guaranteed Buy-Back for a secure investment with Gravity Homes.
  • Fixed Term Advantage: A reserved 2-year period is valid for your Sanctioned offer.
  • Villa Ownership Simplified: Hassle-Free Villa Acquisition through our Assured Sale Agreement as mentioned in 1.
  • Professional Peace of Mind: Gravity Homes is Committed to Providing a Straighforward, Secure and Sound Investment Plan.
  • Enhanced Investment Opportunities: Exclusive Property Mortgage Offering for all investors committing an investment sum of 5 crore or more.
  • Streamlined Sales Process: Once the sale is concluded, a prompt No Objection Certificate (NOC) will be obtained from the investor, similar to all standard procedures followed with the banks.
  • Tailored Returns: A range of return plans available for individual consultations.
  • Personalised Financial Goals: Gravity Homes is Committed to Providing Steady Investment Opportunities Personalised to Your Financial Goals.