Sustainable Living Materials That Everyone Is Rooting For: Nature-Inclusive Living for a Better Tomorrow

By Gravity Homes, November 06, 2023

Like everything around us, living spaces are changing around the world with the rising environmental concerns. In architecture, traditional and sustainable materials are being utilised to curb the concrete and get closer to earth elements that are not only as durable but also more advantageous with their capabilities of climate control, proper ventilation and more. Increasingly, luxury living in the cities is looking for a sense of space and calm that one usually finds missing in urban dwellings. A rooted experience in tradition and luxury, let's look at some masterpieces of materials that improve the scope of this breathable innovation:

Traditional Mud Blocks

Mud blocks are generally associated with earthen buildings, but increasingly, this sustainable material is becoming characteristic of luxury living spaces designed in sync with the environment. These air-dried bricks contain a mixture of clay, sand, and other binding materials like rice husks or straw, all of which make them highly breathable and energy-efficient. With their high density and high thermal mass, they are known to provide indoor air with an average difference of up to 2°C for comfortable climate control.

Rajasthani Kota Stones

The famous Kota Stones are a fine grain variety of limestone quartered in Kota, Rajasthan. Multi-purpose and multi-beneficial, they are used in flooring, garden paving, wall cladding and more. Not only are they non-slippery, highly durable and fireproof but are also completely non-toxic and non-porous which means they have great resistance to heat and provide a comfortable, non-slippery barefoot experience at home.

Historical Cobble Stones

Elegant, rustic-looking natural cobblestones have a rich history around various architectural styles, their versatility reflected in designs ranging from Roman to Victorian, and more. Rounded and smooth, these are typically used for paving roads and landscaping in gardens. Their harmonious appearance and timeless aesthetics lend them a classic and attractive aura that's hard to miss. In short, an effortless, low-maintenance and durable material that is as modern as traditional.

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